Step out of your Comfort Zone to Grow your Business

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Step out of your comfort zone to grow business

Every entrepreneur strives to grow the business. Business success is not possible in comfort zones.  Step out of your comfort zone to grow your business.

What is wrong with being comfortable at times in life? I agree that we all deserve a break. Then why am I suggesting stepping out your comfort zone if you want to grow business?

What is a comfort zone?

Comfort zone is different from being comfortable.

It is a way of being where we do the same things over and over again with similar results because we are not looking for improved outcomes, and we have settled for what we are getting.

Comfort zone is not always a happy or comfortable place because it could be a space where there are mediocre performance and mediocre or worst results. It could be a place where our aspirations and dreams are dying, and we know it. Alternatively, it could be a place where we are happy and comfortable with what is, without paying attention to what could be.

Comfort Zone is the absence of growth and striving for growth

It is doing the same things, the same way, over and over again, getting similar results in vital areas of life. It is a firm belief that there are no better options available. Sometimes we want growth but do not want to make an effort. Occasionally, we have convinced ourselves that change is not possible.

It is the belief that we are doing and have received the best that is possible in a given situation. In the short term, this could be very true and pragmatic. In the long run, this belief keeps us from growing, and we start to decline whether we are aware of it or not.

To survive in business, we have to step out of our comfort zone.

Life thrives on change and growth.

It has a way of pulling us out of the status quo, whether we are ready or not. Most crises in life happen when we get pulled out of a comfort zone.

So how do we avoid most crises and decline in life? How do we continue to grow our businesses? Get out of comfort zones before we get pushed out.

Action plan to step out of your comfort zone

Become Self Aware

Become aware of limiting beliefs, self-talk, thoughts, focus, and routine actions. Our reality matches our expectations and attention. Thinking this is good enough, impossible, and ‘it is best it can be’ keep us from striving for more.

Change things up

I move around my routine and change things up. This change helps me not to get complacent. Power of habit is essential when we are trying to learn a skill. If actions get routine for too long, we usually miss opportunities to improve the very ability we worked hard to get.

Make impossible, possible

Look out for the miseries we love to stay in because of the belief it cannot get better.

Every time I hear ‘I hate this, but there is nothing I can do about it’ in my mind, I push myself to look for ways to make it better or grow to accept things beyond my control instead of being miserable over them. Learning to accept things beyond my control is significant growth.

At the same time, ‘accepting what is’ has to be temporary. Paying attention to any change in circumstances or my abilities is essential. If not, this becomes a comfort zone.

Hobbies are fun ways to step out

Hobbies are great at helping me explore new areas, skills, and activities. They bring fresh energy, create new routines, and force me to get out of my comfort zone to improve to be able to learn the new hobby. Usually, there is no direct financial gain from these activities. Pursuing them solely for growth makes them more lethal to comfort zones.

Let go of judgment

Judging actions, preferences, way of working of other people is a significant hurdle for me when striving to get out of comfort zones. I find it effortless to judge and label others. My comfort-zone is going out looking for a narrow profile of people I am ‘comfortable’ working. It is hard to step up and strive to understand, empathize, find common ground, and serve different people.

Step out of your comfort zone to grow your business

Growing my business demands that the customer base grows. Leads and Prospects have to come from an ever-expanding tent for better conversion rates. My business growth requires the destruction of comfort zones and ever-broadening of the prospect pool.

Growth does not happen in comfort. Change is not easy. All my fears, insecurities, anxieties come rushing to save the comfort zone from blowing up. Sometimes, it takes months of active striving before feeling any progress. When growth happens, it energizes my life and business. Continuous improvement gets me excited every morning to start the day and worth all the hard work. Not to mention the financial success improves security and quality of life for my team and my family.


Growth this good! Hard, painful, and frustrating at times, but necessary for business.

Do not let the name fool you.  ‘Comfort Zones’ in business kill all the chances of creating long term financial success and real comfort because it blocks all the vital progress needed for business success.

So, step out of your comfort zone with grit, courage, and determination!

Each one of us is different – our stresses, motivators, and patterns are various. Please take what resonates with you and build upon it to create what fully works for you.

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Remember, growing yourself will help grow your business! Happy Growing!

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