CRM Migration Service

Migrating from one CRM system to another requires technical and business process expertise, careful planning and diligent project management. Alycom Business Solutions has acquired the skills to accept the challenge and deliver a tested migration with success. Our experts take time to understand your CRM status at present and where you want to go with a smooth transition. We take good care of the following pieces comprising the migration process:

  • Understanding the Systems Correlation
  • Planning and the Map Out
  • Parallel Implementation
  • Data Migration
Parallel Run

Migration Challenges We Address Beforehand

Every CRM migration project face some common challenges alongside the ones that are specific to your project. These challenges require paying proper attention for a successful migration. You must be aware of and have expertise on board for these challenges in order to make sure that they are handled in the best way possible. Here is the quick list:

  • Parallel Run Management
  • Prior Data Cleansing
  • Systems Correlation w.r.t. Data Import Management
  • Selecting the Right ETL (extract, transform & load) Tool
  • Validation and Test Migration

Get expert advice on your CRM Migration beforehand.

CRM Migration Best Practices We Follow

Alycom Business Solutions follow the following best practices to ensure a clean and effective CRM migration:

  • Import legacy IDs
  • Create compound keys for business entities
  • Map relevant data fields only
  • Replace pick lists with lookups
  • Test for the test migration first
  • Create old/new field pairing
  • Normalize old data
  • Create benchmarks for old data/history records