Customers reviews

I have used Dilshad several times to help me with Goldmine upgrades and crashes. Her deep expertise, professionalism, cheerful attitude and integrity make her a superb Goldmine CRM consultant.
Isaac Cheifetz
Specialty Recruiting for Digital and Analytics Executives
Dilshad has been a partner in the true sense of the word on our company's CRM implementation for more than 3 years. Dilshad is helpful, responsive and knowledgeable and demonstrates genuine interest in the success of our business. She has a hands-on, personal approach which I appreciate.
Mike Stuart
Thanks to Dilshad and the team at Alycom Business Solutions for their help in identifying a cost-effective CRM to meet our needs and helping us transition from our current CRM to HubSpot. The HubSpot Sales Hub has a robust set of features that gives us all the functionality we need and more. The Marketing Hub will allow us to integrate a number of functions that were previously being done using separate applications. With HubSpot we will have more functionality at about what we were paying previously. While the process of switching to a new CRM is never painless and always comes with a learning curve, Dilshad and her team eased the pain and flattened the curve. I would not have wanted to make the transition without them.
Julie Chance
Leadership & Team Building Consultant, Action-Strategies-By-Design, LLC
GoldMine is a comprehensive CRM application, but it is strengthened significantly by a customized implementation and training strategy that is tailored to your business’ goals and workflow. Alycom Business Solutions has been a tremendous partner in this customization process, resulting in better use and management of our software investment.
Felicia Stewart
Sales Manager, The Stewart Organization
Dilshad, at Alycom Business Solutions, provided routine maintenance and the technical know-how to support our CRM installation, both locally and at our remote office. She has also confidently foreseen how our needs and new technologies might intersect, and made recommendations to enhance our day-to-day business operations dramatically.
Stephen Marc
Director of Operations & Terchnology, Custom Recruiting Solutions, LLC
Until we met Dilshad and began working with Alycom we were very frustrated with SugarCRM and the ability to get anything done with our partner. We would have terminated the use of Sugar if we had enough cycles for the project. Alycom has turned that completely around for us. They are very knowledgeable about how Sugar works and very efficient in helping us get what we need out of the system. When we have requested customizations they have been extremely responsive, effective, and affordable. I would recommend Alycom to anyone using SugarCRM.
Brian Bilodeau
President & CEO 1440 Security.