Act-On Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation You Will Love

Act-On’s marketing command center gives you the tools you need to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Create meaningful relationships with your audiences, and measure your marketing success with ease. Marketing Funnel Reports empower you with complete visibility into your lead-to-revenue process. Real-time data snapshots continuously capture the progress of your entire lead and opportunity pool, allowing you to visualize your complete funnel – including potential revenue, achieved revenue, and process bottlenecks.

Measure all campaign performances in visual fashion

Measure the performance of your email campaigns in real time. From one-off messages and trigger emails to targeted and automated drip campaigns, get big-picture and drill-down views of delivery, bounces, opens, clickthroughs, clickmaps, performance trends, and more!The Advanced Social Media Module helps you track your social campaigns and give you insight into what messages are driving action and engagement. You can measure everything from the growth of your followers, peak times of engagement activity, and your best performing networks for clicks, shares and likes – all the data you need to analyze your social strategy and optimize over time.

Socialize with your prospects and track interest

Your prospects spend a lot of time on social media; according to Forrester, a full 100% of business decision-makers use social media sites for work purposes. Imagine if they saw – and shared – your content across their social networks.Act-On’s social marketing tools power your social programs so you can optimize brand visibility and create relationships with ever-widening circles of people interested in what you offer. Integrate social into all of your content, find and engage your most relevant tweeters, and even benchmark against your competitors – all in just a few clicks.

Track your web contents and take action!

Discover which channels are the most effective in bringing visitors to your pages, and which are converting those visitors to real, tangible leads. Identify which content pieces are resonating with your specific audience with insights into top downloaded content, and the peak times it’s being downloaded. Act-On’s website visitor reports give you quick and easy access to the traffic trends that matter most:

  • Get a breakdown of known vs. anonymous visitors
  • See bounce rates and conversion ratesPinpoint top companies visiting your site
  • See which websites and social networks are referring traffic to you
  • Understand peak days and times for website visits
  • See a breakdown of traffic by geography

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