17 Jul 2019
Redefine Success to Grow Your Business

  ‘Success’ lights up eyes, fills hearts with pride, makes people happy, celebrations are in order. What is Success? Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In business, this aim or goal to accomplish is defined by the leaders. Most of the time, this aim is about revenues, profits, market share, affluence, and...

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22 May 2019
Leave your Comfort Zone to Grow your Business

I say never live in any comfort zones if you want to continue to grow – in all areas of life, including business. What is wrong with being comfortable at times in life? I agree that we all deserve a break. Then why am I suggesting leaving your comfort zone if you want to grow...

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30 Apr 2019
Use Emotional Awareness to Grow your Business

Do you know, most of our decisions and behaviors are reactions to external events based on unconscious patterns? Our experiences, during the formative years, design these patterns. Learning and experiences later in life add to them as we draw conclusions and form judgments. Genes and collective human experience also contribute to the reservoir of unconscious...

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17 Apr 2019
Grow your Business by growing yourself

Have you ever seen a healthy, fruit-laden tree that has weak and under-developed root system? Do you know every aspect of the tree above the ground is determined by what is happening underground? The right stuff, hidden in the dirt, deep in the earth is what brings beautiful flowers and sweet fruits above ground. The...

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